Our Active Shooter Program is designed to EMPOWER employees in the event they find  themselves in an active shooter event. Understanding the Intruder’s O.O.D.A (Observe-Orient-Decide-Act ) Loop to have employees Act to Run-Hide-Fight. Given our expertise in medical training, we include a Stop the Bleed to C.A.R.E Control Bleeding-Airway-Respirations- Elevate.

Case Study: Training Multiple Tenants in a High Rise

We used simulation-based training to empower and relieve anxiety of tenants. Exercises to increase awareness, safety, security, and how to ‘re-wire’ tenants to Observe-Orient-Decide and Act using interactive games to Run, Hide, or Fight.

Employee evaluations reported a decrease in fear and anxiety and an increase in awareness, confidence and decisions to Act.

"ICE Safety Solutions isn't just our safety consultant; they're our partner in safety. Pam and her team have a true passion for what they do. Safety training can become stagnant and boring, but never with their enthusiasm."

Senior Manager, Facilities Operations at Golden State Warriors