Benefits of VR Training

Case Study: “Understanding the effectiveness of VR soft-skills training in the enterprise” by PwC.

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Do More, with Less

Now corporations have the advantage to train 2x the number of employees, in 1/2 of the time!

We utilized our 25+ years in CPR training to bring you an immersive experience where you witness someone suffering a medical emergency, heart attack, stroke, bleeding, choking, cardiac arrest and using an AED.

This is not your son or daughters’ VR game! Our VR CPR is Life 360, you are viewing a real office, with real medical emergencies, with real instructors coaching, teaching and guiding you


  • 2 year nationally accredited certification.
  • Increased retention of skills
  • Decrease in payroll cost.
  • Increasingly Fun!


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Now Available - VR Evacuation

Whether you are preparing to evacuate from a low rise or high rise building because of a fire, earthquake, shooter, storm or other natural disaster, our VR Evacuation is designed for employees, tenants or contractors who require annual evacuation training. Perfect immersive experience for Floor Wardens and ERTs for annual trainings, for those who were not able to attend the live training.

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Now Available - VR Active Shooter

Training your mind and body for an active shooter event is challenge. Our program empowers you to understand your O.O.D.A Loop in order to Observe-Orient-Decide-Act. You must have a Plan and it will be to RUN-HIDE-Fight. The advantage of our program is it is immersive, in a live 360 world. Training hundreds of your employees over multiple US locations, without the burden of contracting a date with a Trainer. Our proprietary VR Active Shooter headsets are always ready to go!

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Now Available - VR Fire Safety

Learn to use a Fire Extinguisher, crawl out of a smoke filled room and understand the fire triangle. Training is Fun and Effective! Perfect for Safety Teams!



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Now Available - VR Earthquake

Finally, an opportunity to experience a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in our proprietary VR 360 degree immersive world. You will experience the quake, build a disaster preparedness kit, take a few quizzes and learn to Drop-Cover and Hold on. Perfect for your company’s safety day or earthquake preparedness month. Our proprietary VR program is available for your offices when your employees and contractors are ready to go.

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