Evacuating employees, tenants, and contractors from your facility in today’s world is drastically different than in years past.

  • What has your Risk Management identified?
  • What has Security identified?
  • Are the threats? Fire, Earthquake, Natural Disaster, Bomb threat or Active Shooter?
  • What are the procedures outlined in your building Emergency Action Plan (EAP)?

Our Floor Warden training program takes a customized and interactive approach which includes a Fire Life Safety scavenger hunt, speed line up, blind folded exercise to the emergency stairwell and even a fun ‘dodge ball’ activity pertaining to active intruder.  Our goal is to be sure ‘Everyone will make it out alive’, In Case of Emergency.

Case Study: High Rise Evacuation Accountability

We evaluated our clients’ Emergency Action Plan (EAP) and identified areas to strengthen. Evacuation training and the EAP were revised per our recommendation. Training was designed to be simulation based, as opposed to lecture based, which strengthened and built a new level of confidence and accountability among Floor Wardens and the Safety Team.

Evacuation of staff from the building went from 11 minutes to 6 minutes for all US locations! Floor Wardens performed Triage in the parking lot and improved accounting of ‘disabled’ not able to evacuate and persons ‘missing’ in 4-5 minutes.

"ICE Safety Solutions isn't just our safety consultant; they're our partner in safety. Pam and her team have a true passion for what they do. Safety training can become stagnant and boring, but never with their enthusiasm."

Senior Manager, Facilities Operations at Golden State Warriors

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